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Navigating through the fog of disruption

"If you automate an inefficient process you just get bad data faster"

"The more detailed your budget, the more variances you will create"

"Do you know how much of your sales costs are good vs. bad?" 

"If none of your top talent leaves you are either paying them too much or they are not as good as you think"

"Every approval, reconciliation, review, audit or check is a cost of quality and a brake on speed and agility"


David Axson has more than 35 years experience working with CFOs and their teams in more than 40 countries.

Consultant, author, speaker and an acknowledged thought leader on strategy, finance & technology. David is a former Partner at Accenture, co-founder of The Hackett Group and Head of Corporate Planning at Bank of America.

Past clients include American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Capital Group, Diageo, Essity, GSK, IBM, Imperial Brands, Mars Inc., McDonalds, Morgan Stanley, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, Stanley Black & Decker, TSB, United Technologies

David has been quoted or been a keynote speaker in numerous forums including:



Here are a few short and hopefully thought provoking excerpts from some of my speeches. 

My goal is for every speech is for it to be both educational and entertaining.

Agility, Analytics & Decision Making

Why Has Technology Failed The Finance Professional?

Forget Everything You Knew About Finance



Here are some of my recent speaking topics: 

The Digital Promise

It can be best thing that ever happened to your business

Digital technologies are transforming all aspects of modern life.  The impact on business is profound:

  • Opportunities for insight and innovation are unprecedented

  • Industries and business models are being redefined

  • Every job is being transformed

  • Far from reducing the role of people in business, digital is pushing talent to the forefront of competitiveness

In this thought provoking session, David lays out an compelling vision for success in the digital world. 


Outsmarting The Activist Investor

No public company is immune from attack by activist investors seeking to maximise short term shareholder returns, often at the expense of well-crafted strategies.

In this session, David discusses how CEO's and CFO's can beat such attacks by adopting an activist mindset as a key component of their leadership strategy.

CFO 2025

CFO's and their teams are in the early stages of the most radical transformation of their role, value and operating model.

By 2025:

  • The finance function as we know it today will cease to exist

  • Finance capability will be embedded in every strategic business decision

  • Finance will be the insight engine and innovation catalyst of the enterprise

It is the most exciting time ever to be a finance professional so take a tour of the future.

To book a speech, please contact me at david@davidaxson.com 



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